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Case Study: Elizabeth

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

Elizabeth was left alone to fend for herself at the tender age of ten after her father murdered her mother and was sent to prison for a lengthy sentence. Elizabeth survived by whatever means she could which meant begging or earning a little money at the mercy of unscrupulous men. This abuse resulted in her body suffering and contracting many diseases including cervical cancer.

The lifestyle she had led and the traumas she had suffered over the years caused other problems as well. By then she had three children from different men and nobody to support her. Finally she went to New Hope to seek help. Anne rented her a room and took us to meet her on one of our trips to Kenya.

When we first met Elizabeth she had no voice. Her whole body seemed to be shutting down and we feared for her life. When we offered her a house in the new Shena’s Village we were starting to build she was delighted and her face lit up with the most beautiful smile.

Abigail Ministries then paid for her chemotherapy and follow up treatment and at present she is in remission which we hope will be permanent. She has also got her voice back. Elizabeth will, of course, have to remain on medication indefinitely for various other ailments, which Abigail Ministries will continue to pay for her.