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Provide Medical Help

Abigail Ministries helps fund surgical operations and courses of treatment and regular medication for people we support when it has been impossible for the family to raise the necessary funds for urgent medical treatment and regular medicines.

It may be a simple scratch but left untreated it could turn into a sinister tumour or if it becomes infected could turn into tetanus and death. Straightforward first aid intervention could prevent these tragic consequences but even the most basic medicines are not within reach of most of these poor families. Medicines cost money, so does transport to get to the nearest hospital which may be 50Km away. Water, especially clean water, is scarce and flies swarm in abundance. Blood attracts them!! During our visits to Kenya we have encountered children with massive tumours and grieving families who have lost a child just because they didn’t have access to simple first aid medicines such as antiseptics and bandages. We have also seen loss of life during childbirth due to inability for the folks to get to a Clinic or Hospital, let alone afford the Care!

Abigail Health Care Clinic

Open and running but some aspects to complete associated with external services and validation by the Kenya National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). The latter will enable AHCC to provide chargeable services, the costs of which are then refunded by NHIF, as well as reduced rate or free attention dependant upon need and capacity of patients to pay for treatment

AHCC is located in Cheptiret-Kapkoi (Seiyo) which is a very rural area, some distance from any urban areas. The people are very poor and struggle to provide for their families.

The nearest place to receive medical help is 9km away. For us this would not be a particular problem, we would jump into our car or on a bus and make the journey. The people of Cheptiret-Kapkoi do not have cars and there is no regular bus service, in fact, when it has been raining, their roads are not passable by vehicles and barely even by foot.

For those ‘lucky’ enough to be ill when the roads are dry, and those who have neighbours willing to help with transport costs, their only option is to take a “taxi”. A taxi in Cheptiret-Kapkoi is a small motorbike, which we have seen carry up to four people! We can only imagine how unpleasant this must be, particularly when feeling unwell.

Abigail Ministries knew something needed to be done and, with the help of donations and sponsorship money from fundraising, raised the money to build and equip the Abigail Health Care Centre.

Abigail Ministries has been given some very generous gifts to build a Health Care Clinic near Seed School in Seiyo which will be of great benefit to the community there. The Clinic will offer first aid treatment and medicines for minor injuries and illnesses as well as a Counselling Service and advice on Family Planning.

Although the foundations were laid in late 2011 it was not until October 2015 that the building had the roof fitted. Local trades folks fitted windows and doors, undertook plastering and then a professional carpenter whom we know from near Nairobi constructed some twenty plus items of furniture.

The Health Care Centre, built on the same site as SEED School, provides medical help and guidance for the community, vastly improving the health of approximately 9000 locals.

The Abigail Health Care Centre has a Nurse, Pharmacist, Laboratory Technician and Records Officer. It has rooms consulting and minor treatment rooms and those for Mother and Baby to cover Pre and Ante Natal support.

The AHCC is fitted out with high quality medical equipment and has received highly recommended comments from all branches of the Area and County Medical and Public Health Authorities.

The building was opened by one of the main sponsors in April 2018 as part of a very large Community Celebration and opened for patients in June 2018 once licensing and registration was completed.

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