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About Us

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES is a Christian Charity which was established to supply practical and sustaining help and spiritual guidance to the needy in Kenya. It provides household needs, including new homes, funds education and training and has established a nutrition programme, and constructed a bore hole water source, built a medical centre, school, bakery and training centre. Spiritual guidance through God’s word is taken to individuals, groups and Church leaders through teaching, training and provision of group study material and aids.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES believes that, while they have many similarities, the ‘poor’ are individuals each with their own unique needs. For this reason, members of the Abigail Ministries team visit the homes of all our families regularly to evaluate their progress and discuss the best way to proceed. This has the added advantage of getting to know the families personally, becoming friends with them and gaining their trust.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES provides hope by helping establish income generating micro-businesses and Group Work for women to enable them become self-sufficient.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES provides hope for the future by sponsoring primary and secondary education for children and University, College or Apprenticeship Training Courses for teenagers, depending on their abilities.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES provides comfort to improve the living conditions of poverty stricken families by giving a range of things from food parcels, beds and bedding and cooking facilities to renovating their homes, either partially or completely, to make them stable and weatherproof. Where families are living in makeshift temporary shacks, we have built permanent structures for them. We have also funded wells and pumps and, after the London Olympics, were able to utilise redundant tanks to go with a new bore hole for a huge water supply to hundreds of people.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES brings the word of God to the people and Church leaders through teaching, study guides and provision of tape and other digital recording devices which hold the whole bible and teaching messages. These units can be powered by hand, solar, battery or electricity and associated printed material. Supply of Bibles in various local languages. A particular series of Bible Studies called Burning Hearts Bible Studies for Women, although men also use them has been produced and widely used – See latest news

Another aspect of ABIGAIL MINISTRIES has been to help with essential medical expenses and recently to start out on a Health Care Centre.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES works in conjunction with existing Children’s Projects involved in feeding and education programmes.

‘…Blessed is he who is kind to the needy’ Proverbs 14 v 21


The History of Abigail Ministries

We had spent a fantastic family holiday on safari and visiting the beaches in Kenya but the images which remained with us were of the many thousands of children begging for food, the ramshackle homes and shops we had seen by the wayside as we travelled extensively throughout the country and generally the destitute and hopeless looks we saw on the faces of so many people as they sat there staring into space or loitering along the dusty roads.

The following year we returned to Kenya, not to the luxury hotels we had stayed in the previous year, but to two Projects we had come to know about in the intervening time.

What we had seen by the roadside on our travels was nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured into the backstreets, the cramped, narrow alleys and muddy, slippery slopes where there is  barely breathing space between the makeshift shacks which the people called ‘home’.

And it was there that we lost our hearts to these people. It was there that the seed for ABIGAIL MINISTRIES was planted and began to take root. Over the next 2 years our involvement with and work of helping the people grew until it became clear that we needed a more official status, and so in November 2004, ABIGAIL MINISTRIES was born.