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What We Do

The main aim of ABIGAIL MINISTRIES is the physical and spiritual wellbeing and development of children, young people and adults whether they are on the streets or in families

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES provides hope and comfort to needy families and youngsters in Kenya and spiritual, teaching, guidance and direction from the Bible to individuals, groups and church leaders.

Child Sponsorship money is sent out regularly to pay for food and school fees but all other needs such as beds, bedding, clothes, food, utensils and renovation work are determined by a member of the Abigail Ministries team and purchased and completed under their personal supervision in Kenya.

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES also seeks to establish income-generating work for individuals and groups.

Some building projects are undertaken but only where there is no other option. Although the construction of the 12 houses in Shena’s village was critical as existing homes were either beyond repair  or built on land they did not own and eviction was imminent.