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Seiyo Community

The SEEDS and REEDS Project was set up by Rev Daniel and Grace Rugut. The SEEDS Project includes a school for underprivileged children living in the Community whilst the REEDS Project seeks to help the families living in this area of Western Kenya. Abigail Ministries’ main objective is to bring hope and comfort to needy families and so it is mainly the REEDS Project through which we work. We are also happy to support SEED SCHOOL by sponsoring some of the children who attend there and we have played a part in helping fund and build the new school.

The beautiful surrounding landscape often belies the plight of the people living in dire poverty with practically no furniture or comforts in their crumbling mud houses. Because of considerable distances from local amenities, even casual jobs are impossible to be found most of the time and the people live a meagre, often hungry existence.

Their main resource is their land, but poverty coupled with seasons of drought interspersed with torrential rains make cultivating their land a practical impossibility for many of these families. Keeping pace with the unpredictable weather conditions adds even to Abigail Ministries attempts to help them.

Distance from medical help and no money for either transport to the ‘nearest’ hospital or money to pay for drugs when they get there is also a problem for these families. Simple cuts or small injuries which if treated quickly with clean water and antiseptics would cause no further problems in the Western world can become major life threatening illnesses out there in Western rural Kenya. This is an area of need that Abigail Ministries is increasingly concerned about in this region and is building a Clinic adjacent to SEED School