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Where We Work

ABIGAIL MINISTRIES works at two locations – Uplands Community and Seiyo Community.

Uplands Community

The New Hope Children’s Centre was originally known as the Stars for Jesus Orphanage. At that time around 60 girls were housed in a large but inadequately sized house, kindly let to Anne and Tirus Chege for a 5 year period. More about the Uplands Community…

Seiyo Community

The SEEDS Project includes a school for underprivileged children living in the Community whilst the REEDS Project seeks to help the families living in this area of Western Kenya. Abigail Ministries’ main objective is to bring hope and comfort to needy families and so it is mainly the REEDS Project that we are happy to support SEED SCHOOL by sponsoring some of the children who attend there and we have played a part in helping fund and build the new school. More about the Seiyo Community…