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Child Welfare and Sponsorship

Abigail Ministries believes in building up and stabilising the family unit whenever possible. For this reason, we try to improve their living conditions and either provide resources for the parents or guardians to utilise the skills they already have to become self-sufficient or we create income-generating projects where they can be employed and eventually able to provide for their own families. Many of the parents are responsible, intelligent people and are in their present circumstances purely because of where and when they were born. Abigail Ministries encourages parents towards this independence and responsibility rather than continuing to rely on our assistance to pay school fees etc which are a drain on our finances. We believe this to be wise management of our resources as well as helping to build up a healthy society amongst the poor in Kenya.

We are well aware of the fact, however, that this is not always possible. There are still children who need sponsorship. There are those living with single parents who have had no education themselves and are far from being able to take on the responsibility of regular paid employment. Many of these parents don’t see the need for their children to have education and will send them out onto the streets to beg like they had to do themselves rather than send them to school. Some parents are too ill to work, HIV and AIDS being rife in these poor communities. As a result of these same illnesses, many children are orphans living with elderly grandparents, too frail to work, or with relatives whose families have become so extended that help is still needed to feed a dozen or more children. Some children live in abusive homes where parents or guardians have given up on life and opted to drown out reality either with drugs or alcohol.

Abigail Ministries always leaves the door open for these parents and we ask them if they are ready to receive help at regular intervals. When they reach that point we are always happy to discuss with them how they would like us to help them transform their lives.

Some children are loved by their parents but they are just too poor to provide food, shelter and the basic comforts a child should have. Unless they go to school they may have to go hungry for several days.

Sponsoring a child from one of these homes gives them opportunity, hope and comfort to know that somebody cares for them and that they can look forward to brighter future away from the trials they have had to face as a child.