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Burning Hearts Bible Studies

22nd September 2017 Posted by 0 Comments

UPDATE Sept 2017 – News from those who have used the Guides and Lessons. Seven sets of multi-part study guides available. See write up under “What we Do” – Christian Teaching and Resources as to the background to the Studies.

Those who have been through a number of these study guides write: –

“A wonderful way to come to understand the Bible better”

“Written in a manner which is easy to read and understand giving a wider and better understanding of the Bible. A new way to study the whole Bible through the women who are the main characters but also the links of God’s plan in the years between when each one lived””

“Learning from the study of women in the Bible and their part in God’s plan in bringing to people’s attention God’s ways to all mankind over the centuries and to us now in 2017. Seeing how God planned and put in place the different people used to carry His word and the Gospel message forward”

“They show a better way to live and how with God’s help we can change our ways”

“A real aide to increase the individual’s knowledge of the Bible once they have become Christians or following baptism”

“Each study leaves you wanting more!”

“Suitable for all ages and present levels of understanding the Bible”


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