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SEED School

17th January 2013 Posted by 0 Comments

UPDATE Sept 2017. Second School block – work to recommence in December!

SEED school was initially established in some disused and incomplete structure comprising a mixture of building materials. With expanding numbers as the children were growing up, the original “accommodation” as it was, was not appropriate any longer and there was an obvious need for a permanent building. With the amazing help from our supporters in Aberdeen the money was raised and the group laid the foundations in February 2011. In October 2011 the first block was completed and opened and the first classes could move in.

The foundations for the second block were laid and walls completed up to the level above the windows. Sadly the workmanship of the brickwork was very poor and since 2015 there have been wrangles by our locals colleagues with the original builder to take them down and rebuild same. However as there are no formal contracts this has been hard to progress although some settlement is now being put in place. We hope to be able to proceed with this very soon.

The staff and children of Newton Farm School in Harrow have adopted SEED School and through various fundraising events have raised enough money to provide books, new desks and chairs for the upper classes of SEED School. The pupils at SEED School were overjoyed with the arrival of their new furniture, so much so that they did not want to go home for the Christmas holidays!

Newton Farm has also provided greatly for the community by giving families goats, chickens and hen houses, which provide food and income for the family. The families who have received these gifts are doing well and are very grateful for the gift. This very encouraging relationship with Newton Farm has stretched over several years and also helped Newton Farm to gain high recognition for this type of support by UNICEF

SEED School has now had three Forms graduate with very good marks and seen those students also establish themselves with credit in High Schools

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