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17th January 2013 Posted by 0 Comments

There are many children who are sponsored through Abigail Ministries. These children are given the opportunity to progress on to a level of education that they may not have had access to had they not received this sponsorship.

For some of those young people who have excelled at High School there may be the opportunity to progress further and attend University. This is a luxury that few of the people we have links with in Kenya would ever be able to even dream of and we are proud to say that 5 of our sponsored young people have been able to fulfill this dream.

Japheth is soon to be starting his second year in Agricultural Extension Education, Aristariko is doing a degree in Business Studies, Peter is studying African Anthropology and Andrew is taking Law. Anne will begin her course in April, studying Medicine.

It is such a joy to see these young people prospering in a way that, for them, seemed impossible and we hope to be able to give others this opportunity in the future.

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