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Shena’s Village plus!

20th January 2011 Posted by 0 Comments

UPDATE May 2017 – Electricity comes to the Village. The first time any of these families have experienced electricity to their homes. New toilets built.

The piece of land we purchased was named – Shena’s Village, named by the villagers after one of the founder members of Abigail Ministries (who most people know).

The dedication service for the land was held on 20th February 2012 whilst three of the Trustees were in Kenya. It was a wonderful time. The land had been sub-divided into twelve plots and a section in the middle was kept as a communal area. The twelve beneficiaries arrived at the service not knowing what they were about to receive. They all now had the gift of a plot of land on which we have built them a permanent home.

We have been delighted to learn that four of the beneficiaries have become Christians as a result of the gift God has given through Abigail Ministries – all glory to Him!

Since the creation of Shena’s village we have built individual houses in a number of locations to meet the needs of these people who had no place to call their home and were often liable for huge rent rises, eviction or property collapse in their homes that were often “created” by squatting on public land – they call it “parking”!

For further details, please go to the Uplands page under Where We Work.


Update 17th January 2013…

The Bakery was opened in May 2011 and has been a great success. The ladies have been working very hard and the transformation in their lives has been magnificent. They are happier and more fulfilled.

There were some problems with the firewood oven but an extension was built to accommodate an electric oven and other electric equipment, in order for the ladies to be even more productive with the more reliable equipment. Unfortunately, the installation has been delayed as there is a hold up with the delivery of electricity.

These things can take some time to overcome in Kenya but we wait and pray patiently, as do the ladies, for this hurdle to be removed to allow them to branch out even further.

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