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17th January 2013 Posted by 0 Comments

During our trip in November 2012 we went to the well where the people of Cheptiret-Kapkoi gather their water. We were taken to a small pond hidden underneath a tree, full of leaves and mud, with frogs happily swimming in it. Add this to the fact that the vast majority of people do not have latrines and have to use the fields which lead to this pond as a mass public toilet and you can see the dire need for access to clean water. (Along with the fact we have all had very bad experiences with water-borne diseases on or just after our travels!)

Abigail is in the process of combatting this problem. We have the funds ready for the permit to allow us to pump water from a borehole, however, we are still some way short of the money to complete the drilling. The need is great and we need support to enable us to provide the locals with safe water.

We have been very blessed in that a friend who was the project manager for the Aquatics Centre at the London Olympics has negotiated and confirmed with his managers that the tanks used for the Aquatics Centre can be donated to Abigail Ministries for use in Kenya. This is a huge contribution and will make an unbelievable difference to the people.

Each tank will hold 150 cubic litres from the borehole, with one tank being used to serve SEED School, Abigail Health Care Centre and the community and the second tank being specifically for the Health Care Centre. This resource will serve approximately 1000 people of the community, giving them much needed clean water.

Please pray for a smooth journey for the tanks and the men going over to help assemble them. We hope to send them over between March and April. Please also pray that we will not be charged any tax of any type on a gift of salvaged equipment. We are in the process of discussing this and hope for a positive outcome.

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