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17th January 2013 Posted by 0 Comments

UPDATE Sept 2017 – During the very significant drought experienced in the area this year, the only water accessible for  over 250 families was this supply!

A vital resource that is hard to come by, especially of good quality. In November 2012 we went to the well where the people of Cheptiret-Kapkoi (Seiyo) gather their water. We were taken to a small pond hidden underneath a tree, full of leaves and mud, with frogs happily swimming in it. Add this to the fact that the vast majority of people do not have latrines and have to use the fields which lead to this pond as a mass public toilet and you can see the dire need for access to clean water. (Along with the fact we have all had very bad experiences with water-borne diseases on or just after our travels!)

Abigail Ministries has been able to overcome this problem of lack of quality water having been blessed in two ways, both with the funds to drill and complete a borehole and through a friend who was the project manager for the Aquatics Centre at the London Olympics. Our friend negotiated with his managers that the tanks used for the Aquatics Centre could be donated to Abigail Ministries for use in Kenya. The Company who built them very kindly funded the transfer of the tanks to Kenya on a journey over many by road, sea and rail. That was a very great contribution. There had been many a challenge on clearance of paperwork throughout that transfer!

The main tank for SEED School was completed in 2014 by an excellent team from London who rebuilt the tank over a two week period. This tank can hold 120,000 litres of water. Since that time taps have been installed throughout the SEED School complex also ones for public use by the roadside and, being installed in 2017, a gravity feed to serve Abigail Health Care Centre. The remaining tank components are to be used by another project working with children some 12km away. The taps installed for the Public supply to many local families over a 3km radius.

We are so thankful to God for this provision of clean water and His amazing intervention to ensure the tanks arrived on time despite many hurdles. Then again that after MUCH pressure and tension, the electrical supply was connected to the bore hole pump, the final day of tank construction!

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