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Case Study: Agnes and Jeremiah

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

Agnes and Jeremiah’s mother was desperate and planned to first kill her three children and then herself. Before doing so she decided to knock on one last door. That door was New Hope.

At first Anne refused to see her but somehow felt compelled to do so. On hearing their story and realising the desperate plight of this family she offered them shelter in a shed in the grounds of the orphanage. This happened the day before Abigail Ministries and team arrived at New Hope for a visit in 2007.

The team were deeply moved by their story and when we came home to the UK immediately set about trying to find sponsors for the three children. Abigail Ministries continued to sponsor food for the family and later we provided a stable home for them. We have seen this family succeed in ways we could never have foreseen.

Agnes and Jeremiah excelled at school, coming first and second in every subject and at the end of 2010 achieved such a high marks in their exams that they were both given a Government grant and a place in the two most renowned High Schools in Kenya. What a tragedy and what a waste of these brilliant young lives had it not been for the care of New Hope and the love of their sponsorship through Abigail Ministries.