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Case Study: Leah, Susan, Theresa and Jane

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

Leah, Susan, Theresa, and Jane were all very unhappy ladies who brewed liquor for a living. They were well known by the police who often raided their houses. The police knew they couldn’t pay the fines but these corrupt police were only too willing to take the only form of payment the ladies could give and so Leah, Susan, Theresa and Jane got deeper and deeper into the degrading lifestyle of prostitution and brewing. They were all miserable in this lifestyle but could see no light at the end of the tunnel until we asked them if they would like us to help them change their employment. They all grasped at the offer and for the first time in twenty years there was a gleam of hope in their eyes.

They were each given a small gift of money to help them set up in business. Leah and Susan now run a small, what they call a hotel, but what we would call a cafe. They also have a small butchery at the front of the Hotel where they sell one carcass every two days. The hotel is doing very well and is constantly busy. The women start at around six am serving tea and close when the last customer leaves! We were able to visit the hotel where they treated us liked honoured guests, serving us African tea and chapattis.

Theresa is also now a very happy lady. She is running a small kiosk near her home selling groceries and plans to move the business to a busier site in the near future.

Jane has been growing and selling vegetables. She has a plot of land near a river and therefore has water ‘on tap’ which is essential to her business. She too is very happy as she has been able to afford to move to a better home with her son.

These ladies are completely different people now. Their lives have been transformed, they always have smiles on their faces and in spite of the long hours they work, they look less burdened.