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Case Study: Mary Wangari

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

Mary has four young daughters aged between 13 and 2. Her old house, though not the smallest, was one of the dingiest and depressing we have ever visited and there was no toilet. She and her children had to go begging neighbours to allow them to use their toilets. Their request was often refused.

Mary was therefore delighted to be given a plot and the promise of a house in the beautiful surroundings where Shena’s Village is situated and where nobody would refuse her the use of the toilet. (One toilet block has been built for each strip of three houses). Mary’s life was so bereft of pleasure that she was overwhelmed and cried when we gave her a suferia (cooking pot), potatoes and a bag of unga when we visited her.

Later we heard from a Pastor how she had gone to church on the Sunday morning and stood out at the front and told the congregation about the miracle that had happened to her. She then decided to follow Jesus as her Saviour and asked the Pastors to pray for her.

Mary had a drunken husband who came and went at will while she lived in her old house and who she wanted to be free of. She did not want him to move to Shena’s village with her. However, when he heard of the new house he returned from his wanderings and has taken up residence. It is early days still, but he seems to have settled down, given up the alcohol and the family seem to be reunited!