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Case Study: Margaret

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

Margaret’s mother and Aunties all earned their living by prostitution. Early on, Margaret decided that was not the life for her. She went to live with her Christian grandmother. When she grew up, Margaret got married and had three children. When her youngest was only 3 months old, her husband left her, but not before he had infected her with the HIV virus. Margaret’s struggles became too much for her and she reached the point when she planned to kill her children and then herself. Such was her desperation.

One day, however, she remembered what her grandmother had taught her and she went to a local pastor to ask for help. After talking to her, he took her to see Anne at New Hope. Anne rented a room for Margaret and her children until we gave her a house in Shena’s Village.

Every day, Margaret went to the village to help the builders build her house and it was one of the most moving moments of the day the Villagers all moved into their new houses when Margaret stood in the middle of her new house and sang with great gusto ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’.

She realised God had been watching over her throughout the years despite all the difficulties she had been through. He was honouring her for all the times she had reached out to Him, even if unconsciously, and had brought her to this home where she will be secure until He takes her to her final home in heaven.