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Case Study: Emily

Updated on: 3rd June 2011

The first time we met Emily she was bright and cheerful, making cheeky conversation with us in spite of the obvious impact the brain tumour was having on her body. Her sight had almost gone. She was weak and had to be lifted tenderly by her devoted husband Solomon into the shade as the sun moved round their garden. Abigail supporters responded with amazing generosity when we sent out an appeal for funds to pay for an operation which at that time was still thought to be possible to remove the tumour.

Sadly, too much time had passed since the diagnosis and we were too late with funds and an operation was impossible. The funds did, however, help with medication for some time and to provide help to ease both Emily’s and Solomon’s burden as the tumour slowly but relentlessly progressed until Emily became totally helpless. We visited them on several more trips to Kenya, each time expecting it to be the last time we would see Emily. She lingered on for a remarkably long time, however, but she finally passed away last November.

Solomon came to Seed School to see us while we were there in February. He looked very well, a huge burden having been lifted from him. He is a very hard working young man but his small farm has suffered quite seriously due to neglect while he nursed Emily through the last months of her illness. We now have to help him rebuild his farm so that he will be able to care for his two teenage children.